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A journey of discovery, healing and transformation

Life-changing retreats to some of the world’s most beautiful and spiritual destinations, with Chrissie Astell.

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Andy, France
Hi Chrissie,It was a rare priviledge to have met you and spent that important week in Crete with you.  Thank you for your help and support during my wobbly moments. I feel very much stronger and more centered as a result of our work together.
Julian, London
“Thank you again for a week of fun and laughter along the roadof discovery of Angels and their relevance within the lives and beingson the human planet Earth of abundance, joy and love. I am glad Icame… we all loved it!” 
David, Crete
“Good balance of the weighty stuff and play, which allowspeople to take the retreat at a number of different levels”. 
Teresa, Greece
“The candle lighting ceremony was my favourite… themeditations very powerful… a very empowering and life changingretreat, thank you”. 
Dave, London
“ …I adore the Essene communions with the angels…I can now really appreciate and honour my connection with both theHeavenly Father and the Earthly Mother. Thank you so much forintroducing this into my life… the connection has beenawesome”. 
Mary, Omagh
“ I enjoyed it all. I really felt by the end of the week aconnection with the angels”.
Phil, Dublin
“…a wonderful experience. Many thanks Chrissie for sharing somany insights with such generosity of spirit”. 
Madelon, Dublin
“I loved starting the day with an outdoor meditation, especiallythe walking meditation which was very grounding and gave a hugeappreciation… through using all my senses … a relaxing anduplifting experience. I feel refreshed and renewed in mind, body &spirit. Would certainly do the retreat again and be very happy torecommend it to others”.